Impulse Theater has featured over 150 talented performers since our debut in 1987. We think our current roster is our best yet.

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AdrianAdrian employs his master's degree in mathematics during shows to calculate LPMs (laughs per minute) on-the-fly. He uses the results to develop algorithms which subsequently govern the precise combination of nouns, verbs, adjectives and subjects required in each sentence he utters to produce the greatest return (relating to perceived hilarity). He engages in this endeavor to help support his wife and kids because teaching pays so well. Adrian's presence in the United States is legal and documented.


JeffSee Grandma? I told you!! I AM IN A SHOW! A BIG fancy show ... with lights and everything! They let me be in the show and I didn't have to make sandwiches or anything. The audience people laugh and clap when I am in the show. Sometimes I laugh and clap too - but I am not supposed to.



john_webJohn began his performance career as a musician, continued as an actor, and is now producer and director of Impulse Theater. His rare appearances on stage are a thing of beauty - truly something to behold. [Editor's note: John was the only actor permitted to write his own bio.]



LibbyLiberty attended the prestigious American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York after which she toured the USA with the Manhattan Dance Project. Her climb to fame continued with her ascension to finalist on the original TV reality show "Pop Stars," but took a turn for the worse with an appearance on "Busted on Animal Planet." In a completely unrelated (albeit traumatic) incident, a chicken once pooped on her head. Libby now performs at Impulse in a therapeutic capacity.



MarshallMarshall is an aspiring motion picture writer/actor/director/editor currently pursuing his film degree. If his left calf looks familiar to you it's probably because you saw the trailer park commercial (aired in 1995) in which that specific part of his anatomy appeared. Known as "Maverick" to himself, Marshall is a reformed mullet wearer who confesses a man-crush on Tom Cruise and claims to share a birthday with Suri (Tom's child).

VicVic graduated with a BA in Marketing & Advertising from the University of South Dakota. His first attempt to exercise his degree found him selling beds in Denver (creepy, huh?). One month and ninety-four "research naps" later his Posturepedic® profession was put to rest when he accepted his current position with Impulse - working day and night. Vic is wicked-rad at foosball, and yes - his sideburns are professionally trimmed for your viewing pleasure.
Brian MIt’s just plain fun to play Word Search with Brian’s last name.

ChrisChris is a whack-a-mole-like attention hog. We kick him out of the sound booth and he pops up on stage. We kick him off stage and he pops up in the sound booth. We kick him out of the theater and he pops up on other Denver area stages. "Daddy needs his juice," is his only explanation. Chris claims to have created a new English vernacular by adding the suffix "skies" to the majority of his vocabulary. It's endearing in an annoying kind of way.

JessicaJessica Austgen is probably the most popular actor named Jessica in the troupe right now.  If you say her last name quickly and sloppily it sounds like you might be saying “Austrian.”  Kinda weird.
MaraMara Wiles was born in Maryland, or as she likes to call it, Maraland.  That's where she developed her self-proclaimed East Coast edge.  Her family moved to Colorado when she was in 3rd grade and she's been here ever since.  Mara graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder Journalism School with a degree in Broadcast News and a minor in History.  You won't see her on the local news (or the History channel for that matter) but she does get plenty of public face time here at Impulse Theater where she's usually parodying newscasters or spouting inaccurate historical information.
MarkMark Shonsey is separate and distinct from other people in that he is different from them in many ways.  His DNA is also unique to him.  You should see it.
PetePete Renquist spends the entire show sitting in the production control room.  That is because he controls the production from that room.  He has very white teeth.

SaraSara graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in acting and has danced ballet professionally. This education is invaluable at her day job (cocktailing at Maggiano's Little Italy) where she gracefully delivers drinks to people she's pretending to like. Don't worry, when you see her there she won't be pretending - she'll really like you.


Skip… charms audiences and fellow cast members with his quick wit and boyish good looks
(mostly his boyish good looks). Staking a hereditary claim to acting fame on a rumor he is
the illegitimate son of Jimmy Stewart; many question why (if he is illegitimate), he carries
the actor’s surname? Skip has not made himself available for comment. He’s a liar.
TrevorTrevor spent his childhood in Iowa...enough said.