Corporate Team Building Workshops

"Improv" your Workplace

What does a troupe of improvising actors know that could help build business productivity and efficiency? A lot more than you might think!

Many characteristics and skills of successful improv actors – thinking on your feet, clear visual communication and leadership – are shared by today’s most innovative and dynamic business people.

Impulse Management (a division of Impulse Productions) conducts customized corporate trainings that can focus on a variety of topics including:


  • Dealing with Change
  • Improving Communication
  • Reducing Stress
  • Building Collaborative Workteams
  • Spurring Creativity
  • & Having Fun!

Custom Fit

No two organizations are alike ... that’s why every Impulse Management corporate workshop is different! We involve you in the workshop’s planning stages to help us understand the inner workings of your team/organization. The workshop – 1/2day, full-day, or 3-day retreat – is conducted with your specific needs and goals in mind. The end result is great information with practical examples and applications for your workplace.

Make it Stick

The benefits of team play are numerous and well known. Wouldn’t it be great if, after the fun, the lessons learned actually produced benefits for your company?

We make sure this happens by offering Check-ups!

For an additional fee, we perform Checkups. A Checkup can range from observing your team in action and suggesting modifications to actually facilitating productive interaction at your place of business!

Checkups are a terrific reinforcement of the valuable lessons learned at the workshop and help your inhouse facilitator institute the positive changes as an ongoing method of interaction!

Location is Everything

Come to Us ...

Our conveniently located LoDo theater is a great place to conduct your workshop.

Getting people out of their workplace can have a great "loosening-up" effect which translates into a greater opportunity for learning.

Hotel accommodations in Downtown Denver are plentiful, and the numerous restaurants and entertainment available for post-workshop enjoyment (not the least of which is Impulse Theater!) are attractive features of lower downtown.

Or we’ll go to you!

Impulse Management travels ... not just across the state ... but across the country to conduct training and Check-ups on site.



"We are still feeling the positive impact of our time together. At least three other divisions have asked for information and hope to team up with you for further programs." –Herb Zimmerman, CIO, Hewlett Packard
"We give you our highest recommendation!"
- Jalene Bermudez, JD Edwards
"The workshop was fantastic! We‘re constantly using and talking about the things we learned!"
- Carmen Foster, AirTouch Cellular
"Impulse Theater deals in cutting-edge performance techniques and proved a perfect match for our cutting-edge high-tech company." - AdriEl Brunson, Elektravision