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Impulse Theater Performers Featured in Blackjack Pizza Commercials!
Local favorite pizza chain Blackjack Pizza hired Impulse Theater to appear in a series of television commercials entitled "Blackjack Pizza Excellence Tests" currently airing in Colorado!

Performers Michael Solomon, Chris Woolf, Vic Milbrath, Sara Vandas, Michael Traylor, Tom Van Ness and Brian Plantenberg played a key creative role in the campaign and came up with many of the concepts during the 3 day shoot, plus they consumed a copious amount of expertly-prepared TV friendly pizza.

THE BREAK UP : Michael Solomon, Tom Van Ness, Chris Woolf, Michael Traylor, Brian Plantenberg & Sara Vandas

SCIENTIFICALLY EXPLAINABLE : Tom Van Ness, Chris Woolf & Brian Plantenberg

IT'S SCIENCE : Tom Van Ness, Chris Woolf & Michael Solomon